Desktop repair services

Desktop Repair

Desktop RepairWe repair and service all brand computer data recovery & laptop networking services. Computers brought in for repair service we receive a free evaluation before any work is performed. During this evaluation, the processor speed, memory, and hard drive size are evaluated. Peripherals such as modems, CD-ROM drives, sound cards & floppy drives are assessed. In addition, the system is checked for any obvious driver or operating system issues.




PC/MAC Tune-up

Dust removal from mainboard and expansion cards

Optimize system startup files & CMOS Battery/Settings

Maximize system resources & performance & device drivers

Defragment & Scandisk on hard drive

Remove unnecessary programs & reseat all expansion cards

Check all cables, CPU and power supply fans


General Problem Diagnosis

Perform a multiple hardware and software diagnostic and test to determine the problems.

Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 98SE, Millennium, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, MAC OS, and latest OS

Includes installation of all device drivers, system optimization, and testing of every individual component under the new operating system

Requires purchase of Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 or proof of ownership

Installation times may vary based on the speed of the computer and availability/compatibility of device drivers.


Computer External Peripherals Installation / Troubleshooting

If you bought a new Printer, Scanner, Digital Camera or other External Hardware and you don’t know how to set it up or are having trouble setting it up. Please give us a call and we will set it up for you. This service has a Flat Rate and includes software installation. If there is conflict with other hardware then we will charge you a Flat Rate for troubleshooting.


Computer Dial Up Internet Set-Up / Troubleshooting

Netzero/Juno/AOL/MSN Dial, for some examples


Computer Existing DSL / Cable Set-Up / Troubleshooting


Verizon/COMCAST/T1 and others


Computer New DSL / Cable Set-Up plus Modem, Hub or Router Setup for 1 PC

Hardware and Software is not included (i.e., Hub, Router, Ethernet Card, Cables, File Sharing, Printer Sharing, etc.). If you have more than one service being performed, then we will offer a discount depending on the services.



Computer Consulting Services

If you need a specific service on your Computer or Laptop, from Advice, PC Set-Up, Back Up, Software Installation, or many other personalized services that are not listed on our Website.



Computer Hard Drive

New / Upgrade / Additional (Slave) Drive

Hard Drive, Windows or Files Transfer NOT Included.



Computer Motherboard / CPU / Upgrade / Installation and Windows

If your Motherboard or CPU is burnt or bad. We can get all parts and install it for you for a flat labor rate, including free Windows installation to prevent drivers conflict (serial # not included).



Computer Power Supply Replacement

Power supply must be purchased separately



Computer Desktop Package

If your Computer is running slow, drivers conflict, viruses, or you don’t know what is wrong with it, let us help you diagnose and fix it for you for a flat rate

Complete Troubleshooting, Virus Scan, Scandisk, Defrag, Hardware Check, Hardware Performance Check, Hardware Conflict, include Windows Installation if applicable and all Programs which did not come with the computer must be reinstalled by user. There will be NO tech support for Windows, we only install it as a service, we DO NOT own Windows



Computer Super Power Clean Service (Complete Cleaning)

Power clean maintenance. Our Power Clean Service maintenance includes: Monitor, Printer and CPU. (Include ALL Fans, 1 PC Unit Only)

Recommended every 2 years. This service can save you lots money on repair.



Computer CMOS Battery Replacement

CMOS Battery Replacement is for the BIOS Setup Utility to keep the time and date.



Priority service

Priority service means that the initial diagnosis will be completed by the end of the next business day. If parts, or additional instructions for repair are needed, the service may require more time.


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