Virus and Spyware Removal

What are the signs that your computer has been taken over by a computer virus, spyware or adware? Are you infected? Stop Spyware, Malware and Viruses now!

Jacksonville’s PC Doctors LLC (aka. JaxPCDrs) provides Virus removal, Spyware removal, Malware removal and Root-Kit removal as standard home computer repair services.

Jacksonville’s PC Doctors LLC is now a partner with BitDefender AntiVirus to provide Top quality antivirus solutions.

Typical signs of infection:

·         Your computer becomes sluggish and runs much slower than normal.
·         Your computer crashes or shows a blue screens and restarts expectantly.
·         Your computer locks up or stops responding frequently.
·         You are getting a number of popup windows while on the internet.
·         Programs on your computer don’t work correctly or don’t start at all.
·         Printing fails to work correctly.
·         Your homepage for Internet Explorer has changed not by your choice.
·         Your Disk Drive is continually accesses when the system should be idle.

So you think you may have a virus? Viruses can be very tricky to get rid of and it often takes a number of scans from multiple utility programs to make sure that the virus has been eliminated. At Jax PC Drs, we enjoy the challenge of beating up on the newest virus outbreaks and we provide the best protection possible to keep your systems safe and running at peak performance. The small business community, home offices and residences that we support on a daily basis can feel safe as we provide preventative protection to keep those annoying viruses and spyware from entering their computers or network in the first place.

Computer Virus Removal

If your computer is infected with one of the latest computer viruses, then you will probably need to hire a good virus removal service to clean up your pc because these new strains can be very difficult to remove from your computer. Once your pc is infected, the virus can add itself to your computer’s start-up list or the list of services at boot up. Removing these items from start-up is typically the first line of defense as we perform a computer virus removal Houston based clean up. Even if this is done successfully, a tricky virus can just reinsert itself back into the start-up and put us right back where we started in our virus removal help.
Starting your computer in safemode is a good way to keep you computer from launching the start-up programs and services that hinder your computer useless. In safemode, you should be able to run your anti-virus program and remove some of the files that are infecting your computer and allow you to fix a computer virus. The problem most individuals run into is that they only removed a portion of the infection and may still need computer virus help. If you are still having difficulties, we can perform our computer virus repair process to really help you remove a computer virus.
Desktop and laptops alike are susceptible to the same type of viruses so give us a call if you need help with laptop virus removal or if you need assistance with Windows XP Virus Removal, Windows Vista Recovery Virus, Windows XP Recovery Virus or any of the similar Fake/Rogue programs.
One program alone usually can’t remove a virus on its own and it can take as many as 10 different programs to completely, safely and confidently complete a pc virus removal. Sometimes a virus so badly damages a computer’s system files that it is necessary to just backup what files you can, format the drive and start over. It’s a real pain to have to re-install all of your programs and set the pc back up the way you had it, but sometimes it’s just the best option when pc virus help can’t guarantee complete removal.

Computer Spyware Removal

Spyware behaves differently than viruses as spyware is basically computer software that gathers information from your computer without your knowledge and usually transfers the information to a server or email address on the internet. Spyware is normally associated with freeware or shareware programs. You download and install a free program and the spyware is installed as well and begins tracking your moves on the internet for instance. Virus and spyware removal processes are different but they should be performed together as one could open the door to allow the other into your computer. So, when you are trying to get rid of a virus, make sure you also focus on computer spyware removal as well.
When a spyware program is tracking what you do on your computer, it can display ads (referred to as adware) that will be targeted to your internet browsing history and cookies. All browsers and operating systems can be susceptible to these tactics but the Windows operating systems are the most targeted and tend to require more attention during the windows spyware removal process.
Examples of spyware can be as simple as a browser cookie or as complex as the Zlob Trojan which can track your search history, websites you frequent and it can log your key strokes. Installing toolbars in your browser is one of the worst things you can do as it not only slows down the browser but it gives the toolbar a front seat view as you surf the web. One of the worst toolbars is the Cool Web Search toolbar. It can be a real problem as it could redirect traffic and displays pop up ads but these examples are no match for a good pc spyware removal guy.

Malware Removal

What is Malware? Most people haven’t really heard of Malware but it’s really a general name to describe all malicious software that secretly tries to access your computer and of course without your consent. Types of Malware include: viruses, spyware, adware, worms, trojans and root kits to name a few.
Malware is mainly used for criminal purposes like stealing credit card information, stealing identities, selling fake software, redirecting to different DNS servers to steal website log in information. Malware can record screenshots, passwords and keystrokes, so you should perform computer malware removal at the first sign of infection.

One of the more popular types of malware is the fake security/anti-virus software. These programs can get on your computer by visiting an infected or malicious website, an email attachment may have been opened that installed the program or your computer may have already been infected with a trojan virus which opened the door to more infections. We often refer to virus and malware removal as malware virus removal as they often compliment each other in the computer infection process. The best thing you can do to TRY to keep your computer safe is to install a good anti-virus program, keep it up to date and make sure your firewall is on and up to date as well. Also, creating a basic user account with limited computer rights to use when on the internet is a great way to be safe. If you always log in with an Administrator account, you give any process that is covertly installed the right to do what it wants. Be safe while on the internet to keep from having to perform pc malware removal weekly.

Trojan Removal

A Trojan, often referred to as a Trojan Horse, is a type of malware or virus that appears to perform a particular process but instead accesses your computer. Trojan virus removal can be put in as a task that goes along with virus and malware scans.

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